Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pergola | Part 2

Here is the semi-finished product!!! :)

We are so excited to be this far and only have a few things left to do:

1) Add 4 more decorative scroll end caps to surround the front corners
2) Box out the bottoms of each supporting post - for decoration
3) Stain the whole thing White!  Which is really a project in itself!
Bonus Project:  Add Curtains!! For real though.. this will happen soon!

Here is a review in pictures of our construction:
PS- look at that grass!! You might remember from March Project Madness that 
we have been trying to get it growing... and it is green!  Hooray! :)  
I think we might be ready for a Before & After update soon.

Up next... finishing the patio stones.

So close to having an outside space... relaxation is right around the corner! ;)
I can almost taste the sangria!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Garden | Part 1

This is our first attempt at growing our own garden.
We are pretty excited about the entire process 
and we've been working hard at building the boxes, preparing the soil, 
creating tomato cages, and putting up our trellis. 

Our peas, basil, zucchini, yellow squash, watermelons, and gourds are doing excellent!
We also have a herb garden we are starting from seed.  

(The bottom right shows the basil sprouts).

The tomatoes we bought from a heirloom garden store back in April.
They've been doing okay, but we've hoping that with some good fertilizer 
applied this weekend will perk them up. 

Despite their slow start, they do have some tomatoes starting to grow.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Stop to Plant the Flowers

Good morning!  It's June, my favorite month! :)

We have been covertly doing projects here and there, but not posting on them.
This is mainly because we've been busy with other tasks too, 
and also because I like to post our projects when they are mostly finished. 

BUT, this weekend we got back into our project groove and finished a few things!

I'll be getting up some (almost) finished Pergola pictures later this week, 
as well as some garden pictures!

To hold you over, here are some of the pictures of our flowers 
that are in bloom/ about to be in bloom in our garden.

Sherbert Dianthus, Marigolds (to protect the veggies), 
Lavender and Salvia, Sunflower, 
Privet, and some newly planted Knock out Roses.

The Marigolds, Lavender, Salvia, and Roses are all new additions to our garden this weekend.
Our yard is starting to resemble the sketch I put together when we moved in!

Aside from the ambitious terraced hill, large trees, fire pit, and water feature...
I'd say we're almost there! :)

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