Sunday, December 6, 2015

Birdy It's Cold Outside

Normally, I feed the birds year round.  
I love seeing all our feathered visitors throughout the year.  
We get so many different varieties of birds 
and I always think it's neat when we get a visit from a type of bird I've never seen.

Unfortunately, our old bird feeder broke months ago.
And, even though I bought a couple replacement feeders in October, 
we never got around to putting them up.

Since it's been getting pretty cold out now,
I really wanted to make sure we got it hung to provide for our local birds.
Today, I finally got the mister to install this pretty cedar one on our pergola.  :)

Let the visits begin! 

Mountain Chapel Bird Feeder - Amazon

Of course, Mr. Watson is super food motivated and thinks anything edible is for him.

Luckily,  I think this bird feeder is high enough out of his superior jumping range! :) 
Just the seed litter for Mr. Watson.

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