Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day! Snow Play!

Snow and cold weather were not something I ever enjoyed in my "adult" life.
I was always a pretty bad "Yankee" in the winter.
I don't ski or snowboard, and I'd only go sledding if you dragged me out of the house. 

I do like ice skating, but the most I can do on skates is try to stay upright and not crash into anything.

But in the South means that even a little bit of snow, or ice, could result in a day of working from home or just enjoying your snow day by the fire and going outside to play!
It can be quite enjoyable and pretty!

We have just gotten some pretty historical snowfall in NC this week.  6 inches + ice does not happen around here in one winter snow event.  We made sure to take some pictures before it all melts!

After a business trip earlier this week, a couple canceled flights, and a 5 hour drive, I made it home before the snow began to stick in NC. I'm glad I made it home last night to be able to enjoy my snow days this week with my adorable Husband and pup.  

She is just out of her mind with happiness about playing in the snow. 
Almost makes me wish we had more of it each year... almost. 

Tomorrow we will be finishing up the quarter round installation and posting photos of our new floors. 
 Yay!! :)

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