Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pippa's First Cone Head

Our poor Pippa pup had her first, second, and third trip to the hospital this week. 

Earlier this week we brought her in after noticing her peeing excessively on our walks.
It turned out to not be anything TOO serious, a UTI, which apparently is common in dogs,
but she was still experiencing some discomfort and concerning symptoms on Friday.
Since she was not drinking or eating,
she was prescribed a half day Saturday and all day today in the pet medical center getting an IV.

Now we need to wait for her shaved cuffs to grow her pretty fur back.

We were very happy that she appears to be doing better now and she was the cutest and clumsiest pup in a cone we'd ever seen.  We are very biased.  
We couldn't help but smile when she hobbled down the road battling with the cone and bandage. 

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