Friday, March 13, 2015

Bathroom Shelf: Just cut a hole in the wall!

I might be a bit of a product junkie.
I like lotions, and soaps, and masks...
but my bathroom doesn't have nearly enough storage! 

So, what's a girl to do?
Well cut a hole in the wall of course! haha
(or get the husband to cut a hole in the wall!)

Right before we left on our trip down under (November/December), 
I got the brilliant idea that a built in bathroom shelf is exactly what I needed.
And no, an IKEA shelf would not do.  No sir, I needed a hole in the wall!

A hole is exactly what I got! 
And it stayed a hole for about a month until we got back from our trip. 

But it was finished around Christmas time and
I'm so happy to not have a pile of unorganized products all over the counter.
(I know Paul is happy too!)

We even framed the bathroom mirror while we were at it! 
Next:  Paint the bathroom cabinets and install some new light fixtures. 

I can even fit some of my beach treasures and decor now!
The glass sand dollars and starfish we picked up on our trip to Oregon in 2013, the painting we got in RI last summer,
and the shells are a mix of treasures from NC, FL, RI, and Australia.  I'm a beach picker for certain.

We also put up some transparent privacy screen for the bathroom window.

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