Monday, August 3, 2015

Mindful {Monday} | Time

Both this week and last, I've been thinking quite a bit about time.  Not necessarily how little of it I seem to have, about the past, or about the future, but about how I experience it.  It amazes me how time can seem to drag one week and then simply fly by the next.  Time is behaving the same, but it is how time is experienced that is different.

The best days are the ones that seem like they've been fully experienced.  The days where time seemed to move the exact speed that you expected.  The days where you were able to fit in everything that you wanted and you enjoyed your time fully.  

For me, I find that these days happen when I don't overwhelm myself with tasks, errands, or try to cram too much in.  Right now, it can seem difficult to not feel overwhelmed by a lack of time.  I try to remind myself to take it easy.  The biggest thing I need to remember is to realistically plan out my days and not over commit.  I often feel terrible saying "no" to events, favors, and last minute plans, BUT I've learned that the stress I feel is much worse when I say "yes".

Another thing I've learned is that saying "no" to my own ideas or ambitions is sometimes also necessary.  That's where the "being realistic" comes in.  There are only 24 hours in a day and most of them are already occupied with pre-existing commitments... you know, like sleep.   If I am too ambitious with my planning,  something has to give; when it's sleep that gives, I get terribly miserable.  {I'm already operating on a deficit most of the time... take away a couple more hours... well let's just say no one wants to see that.}

I'm making it a goal to experience more enjoyable and "full" days. That doesn't mean dropping all my DIY goals, projects, and adventure ambitions...or quitting my job, doing yoga, and eating pizza all day {bye college}.  It means that I schedule in "buffers" for my down time.  It means I consciously choose to make time to enjoy my day.  Ten minutes of a hot cup of tea in silence,  five minutes of reflection before bed,  three mindless minutes of facebook or instagram when I wake up in the morning... these are just small examples of "breaks" to breathe.  I'd love to take longer breaks, but sometimes I find it less overwhelming and more sustainable to start small and scale up.

Notice, reflect, and adjust. :)  JUST keep it simple.

I love it when my tea tag speaks to me. 

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