Monday, June 29, 2015

Mindful {Monday}

One thing I was overwhelmingly aware of last week was my feeling of gratitude.

Sure, it was my birthday and my Husband did an AMAZING job surprising me and he created so many lovely ways to surprise me... but there were also the calls, texts, cards, and emails from friends I haven't heard from in ages.

It was those little human gestures, efforts to connect, that were the highlights of my week.

It was feeling so entirely loved, by those I love, that made me so blissfully happy.

Each day I try to spend a moment reflecting on all my reasons for gratitude.  I find this really helps me focus on the things in life that truly matter.  When I have trouble falling asleep, I try to identify as many things {BIG and small} that I have to be thankful for... I usually fall asleep before I'm finished.  When I have a rough day or am just feeling down about things, I try as hard as I can to remember all the reasons I am lucky.

There is so much we all take for granted each day, and so much we do not even notice.  We spend so much of our time and energy wanting this or that, but often not enough time being happy with what we already have.  I try to catch myself when I am having one of those moments of want, and then try to just pause and mentally rearrange my priorities.

When you get into a habit of "counting your blessings", you feel grateful for so much: a hot shower, a clean comfortable bed, a simple home-cooked meal... I've even talked myself into feeling thankful for some of my problems.  Compared to some people.. my problems are even lucky.

My Husband, who I am extremely thankful for, made it his goal to celebrate my birthday each day last week. {He is the single most important blessing I have.} Last night, when we climbed into bed, he said "Happy Birthday" one last time... and I just laughed.  Aside from "Thank you," all I could think to tell him was that I have had MORE than enough celebration and it was time to put my birthday to rest.  I didn't want for anything more.  It wasn't the gifts or the trip.  It was the moments of connection and gestures of love that meant the most.  

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